Trouble Sleeping?

Sometimes it’s hard to get to sleep, whether due to stress, too many thoughts running through your head, depression, or anxiety.

We know that sleep is restorative and healing and easily disrupted by the above mentioned issues.

Below is a free guided relaxation that can help you get the sleep you need. You can also use it anytime you need a break or after a yoga session. You can use it with your children.

In the recording I will guide you through your body, encouraging relaxation. You may fall asleep before the recording is finished. That’s fine! You may doze off and wake in the middle, just continue from that point. No need to start over unless you feel like it. In time, you may have the sequence memorized and no longer need the recording.

On some occasions you may find you need to listen to it more than once before you fall asleep and that’s fine. Other times, you may wake in the middle of the night and that’s when your mind starts racing with the list of things to do or the events of the day; past or future. That is a good time to use this recording to get back to restful sleep.

And some nights, it is best to just get out of bed do some light reading, address something on that burning “to do” list, or do some gentle stretching and then get back into bed.

Keep in mind good sleep hygiene:

  • Regular sleep/wake times daily (even weekends)
  • Low light before bedtime
  • A regular routine before bed so your body/mind “knows” now is the time to settle. There is no one “right” way and this may take some experimentation. This routine may include:
    • Brushing teeth
    • Washing up
    • A warm bath or shower
    • A cup of chamomile tea (or other herbal tea)
    • Light reading (no page-turners!)
    • Gentle yoga/stretching
    • Listening to soothing music

Guided relaxation sample:

You can download the full, 8-minute MP3 of this guided relaxation recording for free.

(This downloaded file is in MP3 audio format.)

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